Things to Consider Before TV Mounting

-How High or Low Should Your TV Be?

After months of dreaming, setting your finances straight, and even a little remodeling, you are ready to bring home that magnificent 55-inch HDR Smart TV home.

The idea of watching your favorite show on that screen is overwhelming, and you simply look like a little kid presented with a box of candy. But, there’s one big problem – you cannot quite pick a spot for the TV.

The fireplace seems like a great idea, but is it? How about that other wall or the other one? Confusing, isn’t it? And even though placing a TV on the TV stand might work, it’s not an ideal solution if you have toddlers running around the house or if you want to make the most out of your space.

So, how do you tv mounting raleigh nc on the wall? What should you or shouldn’t you do?

-Be careful about the stud finders – and can your wall handle the weight?

According to a leading electrician Raleigh, electric stud finders are rather tricky, even for the professionals.

In case you are wondering, studs refer to the 2-by-4-inch vertical beams that make up the main frame of your house.
Studs are the main structural feature, and they are everywhere from the doors and window to the interior walls and the exterior siding.
You need to find the stud before mounting anything on the wall.

If you don’t find the stud, you will easily jeopardize the structural integrity of your home.

To find the studs, you should use an electric stud finder.

You might want to start the search next to light switches or electrical outlets.

But, even when using a stud finder, don’t rush the search, check the fire blocks, and always double-check because the device might read the drywall’s seam as a stud.

If you don’t find a stud, you have to create your own holes.

However, ensure that the holes are on the wall bracket – you could use a drill for this.

-Using a toggle

You may have to consider using a toggle if your search for studs reveals the absence of studs where you want to mount the TV.

The toggle to be used is a hollow wall anchor. The best toggles on the market will easily hold your 55-inch TV effortlessly.

However, there is a catch; even when mounting the TV on plaster or drywall, you will have to stay within the limits of the wall.

Working with a certified electrician Durham, you won’t have to worry about overestimating the strength of the wall.

-How well can you hide the cables?

We are asking this because you have to hide those cables very well – it should look like you have a wireless TV mounted on the wall.

So, you might want to buy an in-wall power extension (IWPE) or a high-quality power bridge kit.

If you are working with a Cary electrician, you will know that you thought of dropping an extension cord in your walls instead of installing an electric outlet is against the NEC codes.

-Can you find an electrician?

As mentioned above, some installation methods for the electrical cords are against the NEC codes.

However, you may not know that if you are not an electrician or if you let an inexperienced person into your walls.

Using a certified electrician is essential because the professional will know how well to install an IWPE (inside the wall) and they also know that it is essential to use low-voltage cables for the in-wall installations.

At the same time, only professionals know that the alternative to hiding those cables in the wall is to install printable wire channels.

-Looking for more reasons why a professional should mount your TV?

Well, answer this, how long should the cables be and of what type? And, do you have to unmount the TV if it’s not level?

While these questions appear trivial, they require precision that could only be delivered by a professional.

-Type of Mount to use and the mounting angle

If you’re going to angle your TV according to your sitting preference, then you should consider using an adjustable, rather than a fixed TV mount.

-Accessibility of the ports

If you TV has ports at the back, you should consider getting a wall mount that telescopes outwards to give you access to the back of your TV.

This is essential if you find yourself adding new devices frequently.

Lastly, consider all the other components of the TV like the DVRs or game consoles.
To cater for these components, you might want to place a shelf below your TV.