Tesla 3S NEMA 14-50 Outlet

Tesla 3S Model Does Not Require An EV Charging Stations

Most owners of electric vehicles like Tesla 3S look for ways to charge their vehicle at home. For those looking for an electric car charger, they can try out recharging at home with NEMA 14-50 Outlet.

The Tesla Model 3Series is a mid-size luxury sedan, which comes under the category of compact executive vehicle from Tesla, Inc. It is an all-electric four-door sedan type vehicle. Based on Tesla’s report, the company has delivered a total of more than 28300 numbers of Tesla 3S vehicles.

The vehicle comes preloaded with 50 or 75 kWh Lithium-ion battery. For the owners of the vehicle with a long range battery that is EPA rated, they can expect a range of 500 km after a single complete charge. For the owners of the vehicle with a standard battery, the electric range will be 350 km after a single charge.

The problem faced by the owners of electric vehicles like Tesla 3S is that they wish that they should get an electric car charger that will help them recharge the vehicle right at their home. But now, they only NEMA 14-50 Outlet with a 50a breaker and #6 Copper wire.

Installation of 240 Volt Outlet electric car charger

Tesla recommends that for the installation of Electric Car Charger for all Tesla Vehicles is 240 Volt NEMA 14-50 Outlet. It is an outlet that is suitable not just for Tesla 3S, but it is something suitable for the electric range of all large recreational vehicles. When this unit is installed with a 50-amp circuit breaker, it will enable a recharge rate of nearly 25 miles per hour.

What to remember before installation of the NEMA 14-50?

Tesla recommends that before installation of the 240 Volt NEMA 14-50 Outlet on their homes, the owners of these vehicles should make sure that they consult a licensed electrician.

The electrician can review the electrical load and will design the charging system and will obtain the required permission for a general purpose NEMA 14-50 outlet installation from the local building department. In addition to installing the electric car charger, the licensed electrician will also schedule an inspection from the authorities for approving the new electric circuit and design.

In general, the electrician alone can provide the required hardware for the NEMA 14-50 outlet installation.

Some technical specifications about the Electric Car Charger:

Here is the list of technical specifications for this electric car charger:

  • When installed outdoors, it should be installed with NEMA 3R Rainproof enclosure

  • It does not need any ventilation

  • Receptacle recommendation: Industrial grade high-quality receptacle like Copper Part #5754N or Hubbell Part #HBL9450A

  • It does not require any service disconnect

  • Ground fault circuit interpreter not required

  • Conductors: Copper wires alone 6 AWG should be used. Upsize wiring for installations more than 150 Feet.

  • Operating Current: 40 amp (Utmost continuous current)

  • Circuit Breaker: 50 Amp (125% overcurrent protection)

  • Voltage: 208-250 Volt AC Supply, Single Phase, 60 Hertz

So, owners of Tesla 3S can relieve themselves of the worries about a home Electric Car Charger get help from an electrician.