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Type Of Services: Installation
Overcurrent Protection: 50A 
Duration: 30 Minutes
Difficulty: Normal
Price Range: $350 – $450
Drywall Repair: No
Inspection: No

What is a Whole House Surge Protector?



It is an effective electrical protection system that saves electrical surges from causing any sort of damage to electrical appliances. It has the ability to control internal as well as external surges. Instead of breaking down the whole electricity supply to your house, the excessive voltage is transferred to the earth by this surge protector. You no longer need to worry about the issue of lightning bolts or external surge sources anymore.

Why Opt For Whole House Surge Protector?


You might be wondering why this system must be given a consideration where you have other systems to protect your electrical 

appliances. It is not merely about protection. The level of protection that Whole House Surge Protector can provide is way more than ordinary electrical systems. The benefits are countless, and the risk of damage is least.

Ensures Complete House Protector

Electrical surges don’t only come from lightning bolts or malfunctions of transformers. If you are planning to install a point-to-point surge ELectricALlPRO_Qualityprotection system then how would it protect your house from the surges coming from the unknown sources like the internet? To ensure proper safety by all means, you need to install the Whole House Surge Protector System. This system is connected to the electrical service box in your house. If any sort of surge is detected, the excessive voltage is shifted to the earth in order to avoid any appliance damage. Thus you get complete protection from internal as well as external surges of all types.

Saves Maintenance Cost

The maintenance costs can elevate with damage occurring to each device. Small as well as major electrical appliances can burn out or lose their longevity due to electrical surges. Having complete protection of your electrical appliances is always a feasible solution to save your future costs on repairing devices. This system is the right choice for the protection of your household appliances.

How Much Would It Cost?

ELectricallpro_check_markWe offer competitive rates to our clients for our services. We always aspire to offer the best services at affordable rates. It would cost you about $250-$300 for Whole House Surge Protector. We charge $450 for the complete installation of this system in your house.

Are you thinking about installing a Whole House Surge Protector in your home?


Why Acquire Our Services?

eaton-whole-house-surge-protectors-installation-raleigh-nc-electric-all-prodgdrgr-minYou cannot compromise when it comes to the safety of your house and your family. Even small electrical surges can cause huge damage to your electrical appliances. Electric ALL-PRO is a reputable name in the market. We are aspirant of bringing the best quality Whole House Surge Protectors to our clients with the assurance of the protection of household appliances. Our professional electricians are experts in their field and have the right set of skills to install surge protectors to perfection. Our professionals always conduct proper inspections of the site before proceeding with the installation. You will be provided with all the work details.

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