What’s the Difference between a Certified Raleigh Electrician and a Handyman?

There is a temptation that you may have to hire a handyman instead of a certified electrician for your electrical project. The cost factor is the greatest enticement for people hiring a handyman to do an electrical installation instead of a certified electrician. Is it worth? This question forms the basis of discussion here where we will look at the difference between a certified electrician and a handyman.

Difference by definition

A certified electrician is a person who has formal qualifications and has been approved by the relevant authorities to do electrical installations in homes. On the other hand, a handyman doesn’t have formal certification and relies on the skills learned while on the job.

In NC, working with a certified electrician durham is far much better than a handyman. But it is a choice that you can make better if you know other differences between the two.

Differentiating factors

Electrical codes

A handyman might know how to fix your electricity but certainly doesn’t know the electrical codes. Only a certified electrician durham knows the electrical codes in NC. This applies to all other states in the United States.

Before an electrician is certified, the state through local authorities ensures that the person understands the electrical codes.


It is only a certified electrician that can guarantee work done. This is because they have legal obligations to ensure that the work done is of a high standard. Regarding this, a certified electrician durham will give you a written guarantee on the work done. On the other hand, a handyman will only give you his/her word as a form of guarantee. This is because they do not have any legal obligations because the state through the department of labor does not recognize them.

Legal accountability

You cannot hold a handyman legally accountable for an electrical project in your home. This is a fact that you should have in mind. The government requires all people working as electricians to have certification, thus, you cannot sue a handyman for a job that went wrong.


Of course, it is safe to use a certified electrician durham than one that is not certified by local authorities. This is because a certified electrician has legal obligations to offer quality services while a handyman doesn’t have any obligations.


Electric All PRO- Electrician Raleigh - Electrical Service In NC- 24-7 Emergency Electrician - Electrician Cary NC - Cary Electrician - Electrician Durham-13This is the factor that makes many people opt for a handyman instead of a certified electrician. The cost of a handyman is likely to be lower than that of certified electricians. Therefore, you will be saving a lot if you opt for a handyman. However, you need to ask yourself if the difference in price is worth the risk of having an uncertified person installing electricity in your home.

If you are living in North Carolina, you can find affordable certified electricians in Raleigh who will offer excellent electrical services at a reduced price. Therefore, don’t take the risk if you have the option of getting a qualified and certified professional to do the work for you.