How Much Does The Electric Car Charging Stations Cost For Installation?

If you have bought a new electric car or if you plan to buy such a vehicle, you will surely be interested in knowing the electric car charging stations cost for installation, so that you can plan your decision accordingly.

If you have recently bought an electric car or if you are planning to buy one, you might be thinking about the electric car charging stations cost, so that you can decide whether you can opt for installation of such a station in your space. It is really a good idea as you need not have to go in search of a charging station if you have one in your own premises. The good news to you at this juncture is that the cost of the equipment for electric vehicle charging station has reduced significantly of late. Also, it is expected that the installation cost will also reduce as installations will become more common for electricians in the coming years. According to the 2017 State of the Charge Report, it was forecasted that the market for Electric Vehicle charger will boost at the rate of 50% a year through 2025. In turn, it is predicted that the cost will get down further.

How about the current electrical infrastructure in your property?

Among the many factors that decide the cost of Tesla charger home installation and the installation of other such brands, the current electrical infrastructure in your property is an important factor. The cost will be decided based on your requirements as well. However, it averages ~$1,000 all-in for a Level 2 home charger. Let us gather some information in this respect if you plan to install EV chargers at your home:

What does the electric car charging stations cost?

The cost will differ based on your preference as the owner of the vehicle. However, here are the two main options available for individual owners of electric vehicles:
  • Use the free level 1 charger: As you know, all electric cars come with a fundamental cord that you can plug into a 120V outlet. You also know that it is the universal outlet for the homes in the United States. Considering that you already have a 120V outlet in your garage, this option essentially comes as a free option for you. However, the problem with this option is that it will permit you to charge at the rate of 3-5 miles per hour. It means that in case you have a moderate commute, you will need a charging unit that will charge your vehicle quickly.
  • Go for a level 2 charger: This is the second option available for you and it will cost you around $600. This charger will need a 240-volt outlet for an electric car NEMA 14-50.

In case, you are in need of a charging station for your business, you will have to go for the DC Fast Charging Stations otherwise called as Level 3. However, the thing to remember here is that the cost of Level 3 EV Charger is considerably more. You will find a wide range of level 2 charging models available in the market from different brands. Before you choose a model, it would be wise to read reviews, so that you can arrive at an informed decision.


As you are looking for a charging station for your home to charge your electric vehicle, selecting the right car charger plug and also the proper installation is highly essential. So, wisely choose your electrician to get the utmost benefit from the money you spend on the charging station and most importantly your Electric Car. As against going in search of a charging station, installing one in your home is a great idea though!