Home EV Charging Stations: Tips to Keep In Mind When Installing Electric Car Charger at Home

Have you finally decided to go green? Switching to an electric car is a big decision! Electric cars such as Tesla S and other models are great and better for the planet. These electric vehicles are quieter and require lower maintenance compared to petrol or diesel cars. However, you need to charge your electric car before you can drive around. Thus, you need tesla charging station installation. You have the option of using public electric car charging stations or installing a home EV charging stations or Tesla charger.

Furthermore, charging at home, usually in your garage, is more convenient. You can c take advantage of low, stable residential electricity rates. You won’t need to drive your car down to public electric car charging stations before you can use a tesla charger. Also, the cost of running your car throughout the year can be less than your cooling cost.

However, installing home EV charging stations can be a daunting process. You need to consider several factors. This can range from your driving habits, your car’s overall driving range, and so forth. If you are finding it hard to decide if you should install home EV charging stations, this article is for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when installing electric car charging stations in your home.

Types of Tesla Charger for Your Tesla S Model

The first thing to consider is the type of EV charging stations or tesla charger you will install in your home. There are three types of chargers; Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 electric car charger. Only the first two are meant for residential apartments.

1. Level-1 Electric Car Charger: This is a normal 120-volt connection. The EV charging stations use any standard household outlet. The Tesla charging station installation requires no extra cost. However, the charging time is extremely slow.

2. Level-2 Electric Car Charger: This uses a higher-output 240-volt power source. The charging time is much faster than Level 1. The Tesla charging station installation in your home garage can cost between $300 and $1,200, excluding installation costs. The overall cost will depend on the make and model of the charger.

3. Level-3 Electric Car Charger: Level 3 electric car charger use very high voltage. They can add 90 miles to your electric vehicle within 30 minutes. Although, these chargers are extremely expensive. Besides, they can hurt the battery of your electric car.

Your Convenience

Furthermore, your convenience matters a lot. Whether you stay in a single-family or multi-family home, installing EV charging stations in your property makes life easier and simpler. Also, home electric car charging stations are faster than public charging points. You can call our qualified electricians at Electric All PRO to handle the installation. We can install a suitable home electric car charging stations for your Tesla S electric vehicle.

Installation Cost of the Electric Car Charging Stations

Also, it is important that you keep the installation cost in mind. Research about the cost of the EV charger. The charger’s cost would depend on the amperage, cord length, and utility features that you choose. Although this package doesn’t include the installation. However, some manufacturers can offer you free installation or a discount with the purchase.


What’s more, home EV charging stations are designed to be permanently installed in the home. Hence, when you deice to move elsewhere, it becomes a hassle. If you intend to relocate anytime soon, you can opt for portable electric car charging stations for your Tesla S electric vehicle.

Vehicle’s Acceptance Rate

Another essential consideration is the acceptance rate of your electric vehicle. This is an often-overlooked technical aspect. The acceptance rate of your Tesla S electric vehicle or other models will affect the charge time of the Tesla S. EVs with higher acceptance rates (6.6 kWh vs. 3.3 kWh) will charge faster. You will spend less time plugging your vehicle to the electric car charging stations.

Consult an Experienced Electrician

Lastly, installing home EV charging stations require professional assistance and guidance. There are major tasks to be done before the installation. You may need to extend your home’s wiring to your garage. You may also need to reinforce the wiring or install a new outlet. Hence, always consult a certified, experienced, and licensed electrician for your Tesla charging station installation.

There you have it! Above are some things to put in mind when installing home EV charging stations. Installing the Tesla charger in your home or garage has a lot of benefits. By following the insightful tips above, you can install the right Tesla charger in your home.

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