Generator Interlock Kit Installation in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh & Surrounding Areas

Type Of Services: Installation
Duration: 4 Hours
Difficulty: Normal
Price Range: $650 – $750
Drywall Repair: Yes
Inspection: Yes

Generator Interlock Kit Installation in Raleigh, NC

The Generator Interlock Kit makes it easier to connect your portable generator to your electrical panel or breaker box. The Interlock Kits are a budget-friendly alternative to manual transfer switches. For your Generator Interlock Kit installation in Raleigh, NC, look no further than Electric All PRO! We are the perfect fit for the task.

At Electric All PRO, we specialize in providing excellent, efficient Generator Interlock Kit installation services. Our trusted experts possess the tools, skills, and expertise to handle your specific Interlock Kit installation needs. By installing a generator Interlock Kit, you don’t have to run extension cords all over your Raleigh home. We serve clients in Raleigh, NC, and nearby cities.

What Are the Benefits of Generator Interlock Kit Installation?

The Generator Interlock Kit allows homeowners to connect a portable generator to their electrical panel or breaker box. Some benefits of installing a Generator Interlock Kit include:

Direct Installation: A Generator Interlock Kit can be installed directly on the breaker panel on your home. Thus, making it easier to locate and operate the kit, in the event of an emergency. 

Full-Capacity Usage: Interlock Kits allow for all of an electric panel’s circuits to be used, up to the generator’s capacity.

Improve Safety: Using an interlock kit helps to improve safety in the home while making use of a portable generator as it eliminates the need to run extension cords throughout the home.

Eliminate Illegal Backfeeding: The Generator Interlock Kit eliminates any illegal or unsafe backfeeding situations. Thus, electricity can flow safely through the home during a power outage.

Ease of Use: Also, a wall receptacle can be installed with a Generator Interlock Kit. Thus, you can easily plug your portable generator into it.

Affordable: Interlock Kits are easier and cheaper alternatives to manual transfer switches.

The above are some benefits of Generator Interlock Kit installation. Installing a generator kit will definitely be right for the emergency power needs of your Raleigh home.

Our Professional Generator Interlock Kit Installation

Electric All PRO remains your reliable provider of Generator Interlock Kit installation services. No installation project is too small or too big for us. Our certified and licensed electricians possess the required skills, expertise, and several years of experience to handle all kinds of Interlock Kit installation job. No matter the complexities involved, we will get the job done brilliantly.

Our professional installation starts with choosing the ideal Interlock Kit for your home or business. Our licensed electricians will help determine the correct Interlock Kit for your panel board. We will install the Interlock Kit on the breaker panel of your home. Your new Generator Interlock Kit is guaranteed to serve your emergency power needs excellently, for an extended period.

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What is the Cost of Generator Interlock Kit Installation?

On average, Generator Interlock Kit installation cost between $650 and $750. The cost of installing a Generator Interlock Kit depends on several factors. These include:

  • Cost of Interlock Kit.
  • The capacity of your generator.
  • Cost of breaker panel.
  • Location of the panel.
  • Cost of other installation accessories: power box, cord cap male & female, Chinese fingers,
  • Labor cost.

You can contact our expert electricians at Electric All PRO to get an accurate quote for your Generator Interlock Kit installation.

Choose Us for Your Generator Interlock Kit Installation

The Generator Interlock Kit provides homeowners and businesses with an affordable option for their emergency power needs. With the Interlock Kit, you will not need to run extension cords throughout your Raleigh home anymore. Our experts can handle everything involved in your Interlock Kit Installation from start to finish.

Above all, we offer quality, reliable, and prompt services. We will carry out the Interlock Kit installation project with an outstanding degree of professionalism. Our licensed electrician at Electric All PRO will help you choose the correct Interlock Kit for your electric panel or breaker board. The job will be done right the first time.

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