How to Spot a Fake Photo when Choose a Service Provider or Electrician in Raleigh NC

A lot of individuals and homeowners go online to hire an electrician or service provider to help fix an issue in their home. However, it is important that you are careful when hiring a service provider. Some of these service providers upload pictures of completed projects on their websites to convince clients. However, not all these jobs were performed for them. The images are either fake, edited, or gotten online from other service providers.

Although, these fake images found on the website constitute no harm. However, they manipulate potential customers and make them believe that they executed a project that they had nothing to do with. For this reason, it is important to always check if the service provider you are hiring has photos of the jobs they perform. Here are some things to look for when looking for electrician pictures on their website. With this, you can identify real pictures from fake ones.

Check the Background

When looking at electrician pictures on their website, check the background for bend or distorted parts. When a part of the picture is edited, something in the background will appear bent too. A bent door frame or crooked breaker box is an indication that the electrician photo on the website has been doctored.

Pay Close Attention to the Reflections

One of the hardest things to do when editing pictures is manipulating shadow or reflection. Most users with limited knowledge of Photoshop usually forget to manipulate the shadow properly. If the shadow is not there, the picture is likely to be fake. By paying close attention to the reflections and shadow, you can identify fake pictures on websites.

Beware of Low-Quality Images

In addition, the quality of the image on the website can also help determine if the electrician image is real or fake. Often times, the doctored image will appear blurry around the edges. Photo editors usually reduce the quality of the image intentionally. However, the image quality will not be reduced uniformly. The edited section will have a lower quality compared to the rest of the images. Hence, when looking at electrician images on their website, you should on the lookout for varying image qualities on the same picture.

Search for Identical Patterns

Furthermore, most images have identical patterns. Thankfully, our brain is wired to look for these patters. If you look at the picture carefully, you can identify cloning errors or other things that make it look fake. Likewise, you can evaluate the natural tones and colors of the electrician picture.

Get the Image Metadata

Also, you can detect doctored electrician images by checking for the image metadata. The metadata will provide you with information about where and how the picture was taken. Such information can be found under the EXIF heading. Also, the image metadata will let you know if Photoshop was used to open or save the image. With this, you should be able to differentiate between a real and edited electrician picture.

Use Your Instinct

Lastly, always think twice before falling for any electrician picture you see on their website. A very easy way to identify doctored images is to use your instinct and common sense. With this, you can detect fake images and stay safe from dishonest service providers.

At Electric All PRO, we are highly reliable and trustworthy. We have a reputation for quality and excellent services. We do not believe it is right to manipulate clients by uploading electrician pictures of jobs we didn’t do. Hence, our gallery section only contains real images of the project completed by our qualified electricians. With this, you can have the needed peace of mind that you are working with a reliable and trusted electrical company.