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Professional Ceiling Fan Installation:

What’s more, unprofessional ceiling fan installation can lead to a potential catastrophe. The ceiling fan can fall down any day in the future after the installation. When you hire us for your Home Depot and Lowes ceiling fan installation, no such thing will happen.


In case you want to install the ceiling fan yourself, we have a guide HERE for you. For us, your safety is very important. Hence, we advise you to hire an expert.

Ceiling Fan Installation

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Over the years, Electric All PRO has earned several awards and recognition for our outstanding services. We have numerous 5-star reviews on reputable websites such as GoogleYelpAngie’s ListHome AdvisorsThumbtack, and Porch.

Our 5-star reviews and numerous awards have helped us establish a reputation that speaks for itself. This is why we are the preferred expert for Home Depot ceiling fans and Lowes ceiling fan installation.


Save Cost When You Contact Us Directly

Construction and maintenance in electrical services are tags an incomplete phenomenon, without a remarkable construction and maintenance electricians; this is as a result of the buildability and maintainability culture required by every product of the built environment.


Save On Ceiling Fan Installation

However, electrical contractors who get leads from websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Home Advisors, Thumbtack, and Porch, transfer the fee to the customers. These companies sell leads for ceiling fan installations between $20 and $30.

This is extra money you can use to install a dimmer or just save it. You can save on fan installation cost by contacting us directly through our website. We will handle your Home Depot and Lowes ceiling fan installation excellently.


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Never hire a handyman for your ceiling fan light kit and ceiling fan installation. They are not an experienced electrician. Besides, they have the same fan installation experience, just like a homeowner.

Hence, they will do a poor ceiling fan installation job. However, a qualified electrician will handle the installation perfectly.

At Electric All PRO, we work with a dedicated team of qualified, and skilled experts. Our professional ceiling fan installers are certified.

They have undergone in-depth training on how to install ceiling fans, regardless of the brand. Here are some of the ways our experienced and qualified electricians can help you.


At Electric All PRO, we provide excellent and top-class ceiling fan installation. We are #1 Home Depot & Lowes ceiling fan installer in Raleigh – Triangle and surrounding area.

Our experts possess the tools and expertise to install Home Depot ceiling fans and Lowes ceiling fans.

We can also provide you with a superior quality ceiling fan light kit.

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Electric All PRO - Durham Electrician - Quality WorkOur experts can help to install, troubleshoot, and replace your ceiling fan. Whether you are installing Home Depot ceiling fans or Lowes ceiling fans, we can get it done brilliantly. Checking if the light fixture box is rated for 25 pounds is vital. This is the number one rule before installing a ceiling fan. Before installing a new ceiling fan, our experts will check your light fixture box. We can also provide you a quality ceiling fan light kit.


Amazing Award-Winning Ceiling Fan Installation Raleigh

In addition, we offer well-detailed and highly professional services. For several years, we have catered to the ceiling fan installation needs of clients in Raleigh, NC, and nearby areas.

This year, we have executed more than 10,000 ceiling fan installation for over 5,000 customers.

We provide prompt and exceptional Home Depot and Lowes ceiling fan installation. This is why we are the preferred fan installer for clients across the area.


We Only Install UL Listed Ceiling Fans


Safety Electrical Inspection

When manufacturers build ceiling fans, the design of any brand who built ceiling fans is approved by UL Listed companies.

Before purchasing any ceiling fans or ceiling fan light kit, it is essential that the product meets UL standards. Home Depot ceiling fans and Lowes ceiling fans meet UL standards.

There is a label for UL Listed devices that always come in the box of the ceiling fan and in the manual of the device. You will find this on every Home Depot ceiling fans and Lowes ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fan InstallationCeiling Fan InstallationCeiling Fan Installation

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Amazing Award-Winning Ceiling Fan Installation RaleighHowever, some customers buy ceiling fans from Amazon or eBay because they like the design. Unfortunately, these customers don’t know if the ceiling fans are UL Listed until the device arrived.

Amazing Award-Winning Ceiling Fan Installation RaleighThese products are a risk for their life and family. Although the design of the ceiling fan looks attractive. However, they are not as secure as UL Listed fans. Hence, it is essential to ask the seller if the ceiling fan is UL Listed.

At Electric All PRO, we care a lot about your safety. We do not install fans that are not UL Listed. We only install fans that meet UL standards. This is to help prevent potential accidents. You can check our Questions and Answers section for more information about ceiling fan installation.

Other Installation Tasks We Provide

Our qualified experts also provide other installation tasks. These include:

Install a Metal Box:

Ceiling Fan Box InstallationIt’s illegal by NEC (National Electrical Code) not to install a ceiling fan or metal box. If your house doesn’t have a ceiling fan box, you don’t have to worry. Our experts can help install a metal box for your safety. The installation will be done without breaking your drywall.


Free Installation after Damaged Fan Replacement:

Balance Ceiling Fan BladesAbout 98% of the ceiling fan bought by customer works correctly. However, if your ceiling fan came damage, we will not charge you twice. We will schedule another free installation appointment. Once you replace the damaged fan, one of our qualified technicians will help install it.


Professional Ceiling Fan Installation:

Ceiling Fan InstallationWhat’s more, unprofessional ceiling fan installation can lead to a potential catastrophe. The ceiling fan can fall down any day in the future after the installation. When you hire us for your Home Depot and Lowes ceiling fan installation, no such thing will happen.

What gives us just at Electric All PRO is the satisfaction of our customers. You and your family will be more than satisfied after our ceiling fan installation. We guarantee you outstanding services that give you 100% customer satisfaction

Practice & Experience


Electrician - Electrical InspectionInstalling a Home Depot ceiling fans, Lowes ceiling fans, and ceiling fan light kit is not an easy task. It may look easy to follow installation directions from manuals. However, what makes you install it correctly is a lot of practice and experience.

Electrical Connection


Ceiling Fan ConnectionAnother common problem from homeowner installing a ceiling fan is the electrical connection. If you don’t tighten electrical wires correctly, they can cause sparks. Such sparks will create heat, and heat creates fire.

Competent Expert


Electrical Inspection - Electric All PRO - Electrician Apex NCOur experts at Electric All PRO possess several years of experience in installing ceiling fans. You don’t have to risk yourself and family by using DIY installation techniques. The right thing to do is to hire a competent expert for the installation.